Beat the coronavirus with your body energy: TCM experts advise people to practise Tai Chi during the pandemic.

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Practice Tai Chi during the pandemic – COVID-19

  • TCM practitioners have offered health tips to people amid the global outbreak
  • Traditional Chinese medicine is used widely in treating the coronavirus in China
  • 92% of the patients in China reportedly show improvement after such therapies

Traditional Chinese medicine experts have offered tips to help the public stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

They suggested people avoid humidity, practice Tai Chi and even listen to classical music to help maintain their health and stay away from the killer infection. 

Some Chinese medics believe the deadly disease, known as COVID-19, could be caused by the imbalance of yin and yang in one’s body, as a result of living in a humid and wet area.

‘According to the basic theory of TCM, the COVID-19 could be caused by “the dampness evil”,’ said Dong Guoju, a chief physician at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

‘The dampness evil belongs to yin evil. Yin evil can damage yang qi [in one’s body],’ she said in a conference call between Chinese and American medics on Wednesday.

‘The epicentre of the coronavirus was in Wuhan where the weather was wet and cold,’ said Zhang Boli, a Chinese expert in medicine and engineering. 

Tai Chi is also reported as an effective exercise to boost patient’s immune system and help them recover from the deadly disease, according to the Chinese media.

Several hospitals in Wuhan have included the Chinese martial art as part of the therapy sessions for their patients. Chinese experts also recommend people to practice Tai Chi at home to stay healthy during quarantine.  

Health experts suggested people to maintain a calm state of mind and avoid being too anxious or fearful about the virus. Listening to classical music has been proven to help people relieve stress.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been included as one of the key medicine used to treat coronavirus-infected patients in China,  a spokesperson from China’s State Council revealed on Tuesday. 

Although no cure has yet been found for the virus, there has been a high recovery rate among coronavirus patients who receive such treatment. 

More than 90 per cent of the coronavirus patients in China have shown improvement after being given traditional Chinese medicine as part of their treatment, according to Chinese media.  

Six patients in the Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital have reportedly recovered in March after receiving TCM-only treatment, including acupuncture sessions.

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